Biography Edel Verzijl

The pictures of Edel Verzijl characterize themselves through a painterly, filmic and intuitive style, with a soft palette of colors and nostalgic blacks and whites. Her feminine and poetic approach results in a narrative delicate style, full of imagination.

Edel published in international and national magazines such as, i-D,ElleNeerlandais, Flaunt, Oyster, Zoo, Gala ,Twill, ElleFrance, Glamcult ,Jalouse, Soma, View on Color, Exit, Dazed and Confused, Nylon, Gala, & Twice.

She contributed to several national and international exhibits.

Amygdalae her first book:

The book shows a very personal imaginative wonderland: (fashion-)photography from a very different perspective.

Press about Amygdalae

The work of Edel Verzijl strikes us as the kind of work inspired by the vaporous feeling of the human condition and its interactions, not only with other people, but with its own surroundings, especially nature and colors.

And again, even her black and white pictures you can perceive them as if by magic. There is also a very close relationship in all the elements she cleverly combines, the stillness becomes movement, and vice-versa, there is an endless interplay in her compositions, as if she was directing a theater scene where even glass becomes alive.

Darkness takes a whole new meaning, since its very presence gives life to all the other “actors”, a virtue very well known by Vermeer and his colleagues.

The sfumato effect, one of Verzijl’s signatures is quite mysterious, like a rare fragrance has an effect on her photographs, one is only aware of it too late, since by then we are already in a ethereal otherworldly mood.

The very feeling we get when we see the timeless and sensual elegance of silent movies, that opalescence of the skin, almost angelical, with an air of supernatural innocence, yet chick to the bone.

There is also that very fine almost indistinguishable line where there is artistic and commercial work, you would say it is more to the artistic side than anything else, since her work ethics are undeniable uncompromising on that.